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and I would walk 500 dogs and I would walk 500 more

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2014 is really great

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“I was thrilled. That was one of the things I was delighted about; it was how good I look in Fleur’s costume. I look fantastic in women’s clothing. And I was like, ‘Yeah man, I look good. I look like a little rockstar.’ So I was quite pleased with that.”

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Dan: It is a Tom Cruise moment. That was mine (the joke). It’s a totally anachronistic and wrong for the period but, I really didn’t care. It made me laugh in rehearsal. And Katie Holmes had since seen the show and actually commented and particularly liked that joke.

Although, I got really paranoid that night because she was in the audience and I did it and the audience reaction wasn’t nearly as much as it was used to be and I’m like, “Oh man, they all know that she’s here.” and they’re like, “Oh wow, this is really awkward.” No, but it was really good.

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D’aww. This makes me cry asdfghjkl

 Dan :’)

not gonna cry not gonna cry not gonna cry

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Daniel Radcliffe: Gary, I was very, very sad when he, you know, died and had to leave the series but I had this an amazing moment when I went into make up and hair and he said - I really hope he doesn’t mind me telling the story it shows him as being so wonderful and human for somebody whose the most talented actor I can possibly imagine - he said ‘Dan do you think i’ve been a good Sirius?’ and I just went ‘Yes! You’ve been amazing Gary!’ and he said ‘You don’t think someone else would have been better?’ and I said ‘No! You’re fantastic!’ 

Then when we said goodbye it was amazing because working with me had meant a lot to him and he’s one of my heroes and to know you’ve actually had an effect on one of your idols, that’s when you feel like a dream has come true.

oh jeez this made me cry

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Dan: I’m gonna sit my kids down when they get to the age of 12 and go, “What’ve you done?! I had done two films by now!” 

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